The Forum for the Integration of Renewable Energy creates connections. It provides a platform within the German Environmental Aid organisation where politicians, network operators, environmentalists, energy experts, scientists and local campaigners can meet and discuss grid upgrades - preparing the way for regenerative energy systems.

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Our electricity supply is undergoing radical change. Wind, sun und biomass are now collected decentrally at thousands of different places. The grid, on the other hand, was originally constructed to supply energy to highly populated areas from just a few power stations located nearby. This needs to change fast. What kind of grids do we need – and how can they be constructed in an environmentally friendly and socially acceptable way?

Nature and the environment

Transporting energy has an impact both on people and their natural surroundings. Overhead lines cut through the countryside, they change the landscape and put birds at risk. Underground cables heat the ground up. So whether we have overhead lines on pylons or underground cabling – there is always an impact on nature and the environment. New cabling construction regularly leads to conflicts over nature and species protection, changes to the landscape and health risks from electromagnetic fields.


The planning and construction of new high and extra high voltage cabling requires special care. Planning should involve local residents, local council representatives, land owners and farmers in a better way and at an earlier stage. Otherwise there is a high risk of new lines being rejected.