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As a platform, the Forum for the Integration of Renewable Energy provides a place of communication for everyone involved in upgrading the grids to facilitate the uptake of renewable energy. It further supports and promotes the concomitant social and political processes associated with grid upgrading in Germany.

Plan N – Recommendations for political action

The Forum for the Integration of Renewable Energy

  • is a German Environmental Aid project
  • provides information on future-oriented grids
  • hosts and organises expert workshops and congresses in Berlin focussing on climate friendly engery supply and grid expansion in the German states e.g. in Lower Saxony
  • drafted Plan N - Recommendations on political action on the future integration of renewable energy into the grids, November 2010

Plan N - download

PLAN_N_engl.pdf (1.06 mb)

Start Announcement, December 2009

Declaration_ForumN11012010_en.pdf (805.18 kb)

 The project is intended for

  • Environmental and nature protection organisations
  • Residents living close to planned power lines and public action campaigns
  • Network operators
  • Renewable energy sector businesses
  • Federal states and local government bodies, local government associations and companies
  • Scientists and researchers
  • Consumer protection organisations

from left to right:
U. Voß, Dr. P. Ahmels, A. Palenberg, R. Hänlein,
J. Grünert, L. Becker

Project Team - Forum for the Integration of Renewable Energy

Dr. Peter Ahmels
Head of Energy & Climate Department
Phone +49-30-24 00 867 91

Judith Grünert, Project management + Nature protection
Phone +49-30-2400867 93

Ulrike Voss, Project management
Phone +49-30-2400867 94

Liv Becker, Project management and PR
Phone +49-30-2400867 98

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